Presentation of the company PRONET

Pronet is an industrial cleaning and surface treatment company founded in the Principality of Monaco in 2004 by Mr Fabien Deplanche as an extension of Probat, a general construction and renovation company, following numerous requests from his customers.

A specialist in the field of cleaning and hygiene, as well as the full range of surface treatment techniques, Pronet has a team of qualified professionals, who are at your disposal and ready to respond to your needs.

Our high standards and expertise, along with the quality of our services, mean that we are able to meet all of our customers’ various expectations.

Pronet has a dedicated cleaning team (industrial and one-off cleaning) and a team dedicated to surface treatment and maintenance (including marble, parquet, fitted carpets, etc.). The company also offers complementary services associated with the construction, renovation and routine servicing of all types of premises or surfaces.

Pronet is constantly evolving, however. To ensure customer satisfaction, the company is additionally developing other services, including carrying out minor maintenance work, replacing bulbs, hanging pictures, organising removals, producing bespoke mats, managing waste, clearing bulk items, etc. From surface treatment to cleaning and minor maintenance, Pronet offers a wide range of options to meet all of your needs.

Pronet has made ensuring customer satisfaction, delivering quality work and fulfilling its commitments a point of honour.

traduction en cours traitement des surfaces
traduction en cours Nettoyage ponctuel
traduction en cours Nettoyage industriel

Human and technical resources

To ensure full on-site supervision, the various teams spread across the Cleaning and Surface Treatment departments are managed by a director assisted by two department heads.

• The Head of the Cleaning Department, assisted by an inspector, team leaders and around 40 cleaners, is dedicated to ensuring the cleanliness of your premises and construction sites.

• The Head of the Surface Treatment Department, assisted by three technical teams of experienced sanders, focuses on maintaining, refurbishing and renovating your various surfaces.

To ensure maximum availability, teams are highly mobile and have access to vehicles. Pronet has the best and latest professional equipment to meet all needs.

Pronet is also committed to promoting ongoing training to improve the skills of its teams.

Pronet’s values focus on customer satisfaction, quality and fulfilment of its commitments.

1 director
2 department managers
40 maintenance staff
4 sanders

Pronet: quality

respect de ses engagements

At Pronet, our priority is fulfilling our commitments, and pursue a policy of quality based on various pillars:

• Qualified staff
• Ongoing training
• The latest professional equipment
• Full on-site supervision
• Consultancy

Always on schedule

respect de ses engagements

Pronet is committed to the environment:

• Waste sorting
• Certified eco-friendly products
• Reduced consumption

Support for environmental initiatives

respect de ses engagements

Our number one objective is quality We have a Quality Assurance Plan built on:

• Anticipating
• Preventing
• Monitoring
• Listening
• Satisfying