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Introduction to the company


PRONET was set up in the Principality of Monaco in 2004. It was created by Mr Fabien DEPLANCHE as a follow up to the PROBAT company, in response to numerous requests from its clients.

PRONET offers additional services for any operations relating to construction, renovation or maintenance.

Indeed, from the treatment of surfaces to industrial cleaning, PRONET offers a wide range of services…


Natural stone:
  • Sanding of stone, marble and granite – Finishing: soft, matt-polished, satin-polished, shine-polished.
  • Vertical sanding: facades, sanitary equipment, basins, columns, statues etc.
Impregnation with water proof coating:
  • Opaque or transparent anti-stain treatment,
  • Anti-damp and anti-oil treatment,
  • Treatment of terracotta.
Parquet Floor:
  • Repairs,
  • Sanding,
  • Tint,
  • Varnishing.
  • Carpet shampoo,
  • Anti dust mite treatment.
Decorative concrete:
  • Smoothing,
  • Polished finishing,
  • Waxed finishing,
  • Colouring by impregnation on an existing cement screed.
Other services:
  • Crystallisation,
  • Metallisation of plastic floors,
  • Graffiti removal.   


  • Administrative offices, banks and shops,
  • Industrial premises,
  • Garages, car parks,
  • Communal residences, hotels,
  • Villas, apartments,
  • Animal parks,
  • Laboratories, cleanrooms,
  • Shopping centres,
  • Professional kitchens,
  • Operas, theatres, cinemas etc.,
  • Availability of staff.
  • Tidying after building works, rental or damag.


Our structure is composed of a technical director assisted by two department managers, who supervise the various teams in two different departments:

  • The « Surface cleaning » department is made of scrubbers with great experience.
  • The « Industrial maintenance and cleaning department » is made of specialised service agents.

PRONET also has specialised equipment at its disposal, among the best in terms of quality and performance in the current market.


Our priority is to respect our undertakings and to do so have set up a quality policy along several lines:

  • The quality of the equipment used,
  • Qualified staff,
  • The setting up of a «Quality Assurance Plan»,
  • Permanent presence on the spot,
  • Reactivity and availability.

For this, we organise regular training courses for our teams, especially for highly specific work in order to guarantee maximal quality.

PRONET has also organised a procedure for Quality Assurance. This enables to quickly solve any eventual problems encountered, by applying the best suited means and methods.

Our aim is to maintain the company at a reasonable size so as to be close to our clients and to listen to their expectations and satisfy them.

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